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MAX Muzzleloader is a Professional Research, Testing & Consulting Company for the Modern In-line Muzzleloading Industry.

Muzzleloader Accuracy Xperts How-To Shooting Videos
At M.A.X. Muzzleloader, we are experts at shooting, hunting and
getting the sub one-inch group you are looking for
with your muzzleloader!

Russell Lynch with CVA Accura Target     Now anyone can improve their shooting for hunting accuracy with any muzzleloader with just a few tips and tricks-of-the-trade from Russell Lynch, Nationally Distiguished Shooter & Marine Corps Scout Sniper.

At M.A.X., our goal is to have the best educated and most confident customers possible when it comes to the muzzleloading industry.

Russell's videos are more informative and detailed than any other How-To's on the market anywhere!

He is the only one that you can trust to tell you the truth about muzzleloading products - you can't pay for a good review from Russell - there are ZERO sponsorships here!

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