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Montana X-treme Cleaning Supplies
for MAXimizing Your Muzzleloader!!!

"Superior Gun Care Products
For The Sportsman Who Wants It Done Right"

As with all outdoor and hunting gear, buy what works or you will pay for it later. Gun cleaning products are no different, so we need to use the very best products available.
Montana X-Treme definitely falls into that category!

Montana X-Treme Cleaning Products
Montana X-Treme Products
(see detailed descriptions below)

Montana X-Treme Gun Oil
Montana X-Treme Gun Oil

Montana X-Treme Gun Grease and Cleaning Compond
Montana X-Treme Gun Grease

I've said it time and time again
in my MAX Videos and on my MAX Blog,
consistant cleaning of any muzzleloader
is necessary for consistant shooting.
clean = accuracy

MAX Targets

where accuracy & performance is the only option